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4 Girls Finger Paint !EXCLUSIVE!

Speaking of childhood art, roll out your canvas, or a vast amount of construction paper and dig into your closet for finger paint. Getting messy was always an option so go ahead and express yourself in ways that college and life have tried to suppress.

4 girls finger paint

Even if you're not super stoked to just buy your kids some new clothes, there's a good chance that the end of the school year has you looking at their closet like, "What the heck do they wear now?" At least that's been my experience. My 3-year-old's closet is 90 percent full of fall and winter clothes, and she now has like three pairs of shorts, and a few too-small tops. The pickings are slim, and before I drop a fortune on brand new "school clothes" that will be covered in finger paint and peanut butter and jelly smears as soon as she puts them on, I need to get her some stuff to rock this summer. Luckily, The Children's Place is making it super easy with their Memorial Day sale.

'Tis the season for shorts, and this weekend, all shorts at The Children's Place are 60 percent off. All sizes are included, from toddler girls and boys to big kids, and the prices are just great. This pair of shorts was originally $25, but is now a cool $10 thanks to the deal.

For those who love dresses and rompers, you can pick some summertime favorites this weekend for 60 percent off. I'm partial to the ones for the littlest baby girls, but the big kid styles are just as perfect. There are fancy versions and lots of dresses and rompers you can actually play in, so there's something for everyone. And for real, I know 60 percent may be hard to comprehend, but this above dress normally retails for $17. You guys.

But the all time number one of these was to throw her in the air, just up, anywhere anytime. I did this with her sister too but there were two differences between these girls. First, Charlotte\u2019s head was so big it never really seemed safe to hurl her anywhere with abandon \u2026 because head flopping etc. Second, I was a little unsure just how sturdy human babies were back in 2003. By the time Stella came round 5 years later I was sure they were pretty indestructible, based on the number of times Char fell on her face and I tried to break her while having fun.

To paint StellBell in full color, her spirit visible, clear in your imagination through words, is already a difficult charge for a new writer like myself; in addition, you\u2019ve come to this post to hear about grief and what my experience has been as a father having lost a daughter to cancer not necessarily to hear about how this father loved his daughter or who this daughter was; then again maybe you have, maybe you don\u2019t know how you got here. Welcome regardless \u2026 and forgive me for trying to bring her to life with so many words, but, she is after all the central subject of my life.

Nothing was ailing her \u2026 look at her! She\u2019s one of 4 girls on a team of 7 and she\u2019s played all but 5 minutes of this hour long game of running, and cutting; exhausting game. As she ran back out, she wiped the blood coming from her nose, gripped it in her hand for future drips and started yelling at her team mates about the next point to be played.

The sound of my sobbing brought Stella immediately back into the room, back from floating half-way between worlds. She\u2019d been whispering to unknown people, hands extended in front of her, touching someone or something unseen, delicate and deliberate movements with her elegant, bluish fingers; five minutes before that she\u2019d been lost on her bed, beligerant, blind, bleeding from her eyes


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