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Download Family Zip ^HOT^

Links to experiment family downloads in various formats and supplementary files are provided at the foot of each GEO Series record. These files are compressed using gzip (.gz or .tgz extension). To unzip and read these files, please use a utility such as WinZip or 7-Zip.

Download family zip

All GEO records and raw data files are freely available for bulk download from our FTP site. Please see our README for details on directory structure and file formats. However, GEO now holds such large numbers of submissions that some parent directories can no longer be accessed using web browsers due to time-out errors. In such cases it is necessary to bypass the parent directory and go directly to the target directory, e.g. for Series GSE1000:

The Accession Display bar is found at the top of each GEO record and can be used to download or view complete or partial records, or related Platform, Sample and Series records. The Scope feature allows display of a single accession number (Self) or any (Platform, Sample, or Series) or all (Family) records related to that accession. Amount dictates the quantity of data displayed, with choices including metadata only (Brief), metadata and the first 20 rows of the data table (Quick), data table only (Data), or full metadata/data table records (Full). Format controls whether records are displayed in HTML, SOFT (plain text) or MINiML (XML) format.

Links to DataSet SOFT files are available under the 'download' button on each DataSet record. These files are compressed using gzip (.gz or .tgz extension). To unzip and read these files, please use a utility such as WinZip or 7-Zip.

All GEO DataSet records are freely available for bulk download from our FTP site. These files are compressed using gzip (.gz extension). To unzip and read these files, please use a utility such as WinZip or 7-Zip. Alternatively, if you have UNIX, use the gunzip command to uncompress the files, e.g.,

Prior to 2010 the single-family PUDB consisted of three files: Census Tract, National A, and National B files. With the 2010 PUDB a fourth file, National C, was added to provide information on high-cost mortgages acquired by the Enterprises. The single-family Census Tract file includes information on the location of the property based on the 2010 Census (beginning in 2012), while the National files contain other information but lack detailed geographic information in order to protect Enterprise proprietary data. The multifamily datasets also consist of a Census Tract file, and a National file without detailed geographic information.

The Assessment Cases available for download correspond with NIST Special Publication 800-53, Revision 3. The assessment cases were developed by an interagency working group that has disbanded. Assessment cases for consistency with SP 800-53A Rev 4 or newer will not be developed but the existing assessment cases may continue to be applied and also may be used as a model to extrapolate assessment cases for controls added or changed in NIST SP 800-53 Revision 4 or newer.

There is a Microsoft (MS) Word file for each assessment case, and an assessment case for each security control identified below. For example, file name: SaP-800-53A-R1_ Assessment Case _ AC-02_ipd.docx is the Word file for assessment case for the Access Control family security control AC-2, which is named Account Management.

To make it easier to download these assessment cases, we created 19 separate zip files. There is a zip MS Word file for each security control family. All assessment case files for a particular family (e.g., Access Control, Maintenance, etc.) are within one zip file. For example, for the Access Control family, there are 22 MS Word documents inside the zip file, for the 22 separate assessment cases that are included in Access Control family. There are 18 separate families for these assessment cases. The tables below should help you figure out what family you need to download and/or what files to open within that particular family. The 19th zip file contains ALL of the assessment case files for all 18 families, which are separately zipped up in one zipped file.

If so you can download any of the below versions for testing. The product will function as normal except for an evaluation limitation. At the time of purchase we provide a license file via email that will allow the product to work in its full capacity. If you would also like an evaluation license to test without any restrictions for 30 days, please follow the directions provided here.

Tables 1 and 2 contain a scorecard for each prototype building. The scorecard is a spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel, .xls, format) that summarizes the building descriptions, thermal zone internal loads, schedules, and other key modeling input information. The suite of prototype models is available for download (compressed, .zip, format) for the respective edition of Standard 90.1 and IECC. Each file includes EnergyPlus model input files (.idf) and corresponding output files (.html) across all climate locations.

Files may be downloaded either as complete packages, containing all building types, or by individual building type, either by specific Standard 90.1 or IECC editions or as complete sets from the tables below.

The energy models for the 2015, 2018 and 2021 versions of the IECC are listed in Table 4 and can be downloaded either by specific IECC edition or as complete sets by climate zone. The complete sets contain prototypes with earlier versions of the IECC. The idf files may be opened and modified in EnergyPlus.

The single family prototypes are now complete EnergyPlus files utilizing the airflow network for duct leakage modeling. Previous single family prototype models posted on the Energy Codes website did not contain duct leakage specifications. Calculating loads for duct leakage required multiple EnergyPlus simulations with and without duct leakage and post processing the results for both single family and multifamily buildings. As a result, there may be large differences in energy consumption when comparing the latest single family prototypes results to older prototype results downloaded from this website. The multifamily prototype models do not contain duct leakage specifications, and the duct leakage adjustment are applied during the post-processing. We are working on updating the MF models to incorporate the airflow network with duct leakage loops.

The energy models for the HUD and the final rule are listed in Table 6 and can be downloaded either by specific code edition (i.e., HUD or Final Rule) or as complete sets by either each of the climate zone (all rows beside the last row of Table 6) or all the climate zones (last row of Table 6). The idf files may be opened and modified in EnergyPlus.

Ever wanted to know where Google hosts their webfonts? This service might be handy if you want to download all .eot, .woff, .woff2, .svg, .ttf files of a font variant directly from google (normally your User-Agent would determine the best format).

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When using Google Fonts, your workflow is divided in 3 steps : "Select", "Customize", "Embed". If you look closely, at the right end of the "Use" page, there is a little arrow which allows you to download the font currently in your collection.

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While Bradley Revit Family ZIP files are not password protected; unzipping a Bradley Revit family ZIP file from a server directory or from a very long directory structure seems to prompt password needed.

ZIP Code data for years 1998, 2001, and 2004 through 2020 are available as single Zip files containing all State Excel files. The files are compressed using the WinZip utility and must be downloaded and extracted before viewing or loading into any application. A free WinZip utility is available, if needed.

The following information applies to you only if you have NHES:1999 Stata dictionary files that were downloaded or ordered before November 30, 2021 and merged either the public-use data files to the restricted-use files or to another NHES:1999 public-use file (e.g., merged the Parent public-use file to the Youth public-use file).

The NHES:1999 Stata dictionary files that were downloaded or shipped prior to November 30, 2021 contain a syntax error that has now been corrected; data users will need to rerun the read-in files to correct for the error. The affected variables are BASMID and ENUMID, for Parent-NHES:1999; Youth-NHES:1999; and AE-NHES:1999. No data elements nor Stata setup files have changed. To update these case identification variables in Stata, you will need to download the revised Stata dictionary files that are now available (files starting parent99rev.dct, youth99rev.dct, adult99rev.dct) and the corresponding ASCII data files and Stata setup files. These revised files will allow Stata users to merge the public-use data files to each other and to the restricted-use files.

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This Dalton Maag Ltd Free Licence Agreement becomes a binding contract between the Licensee and Dalton Maag Ltd when the Licensee commences a Font Software download, or if the Licensee is acquiring Font Software on a permanent medium, when the Licensee opens the package in which the software is contained. If the Licensee does not wish to be bound by the Agreements, the Licensee cannot access, use or download the Font Software. Please read all of the Agreement before agreeing to be bound by its terms and conditions. 041b061a72


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