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Planet X - Moonbabies (full __FULL__ Album)

The downfall for this album for me is the first half of the album where the keyboards dominate at times with those synth-like sounds. I'm just not into them at all but starting with "Poland"( which I hope is a nod to Chris Poland) to the end I'm pretty impressed and that's the reason it's 3.5 stars and not just 3 stars. Holdsworth solos on track 2 and 4 and both are excellent of course, in fact "Desert Girl" the second tune is right there with the songs on the second half. "Poland" is my favourite track on here but the next three songs are right there with it. Donati again shows why he one of the premier drummers on the planet, I'm so glad to have some of his solo work. The music on this album is complex but the synth-like keyboards leave me cold much of the time, I'm just not into them but when Derek creates atmosphere with those spacey sounds or when playing the piano I'm impressed big time. So a matter of tastes all the way and I'll stick with "Universe" which I played today for a comparison because I hadn't heard it in such a long time and thought maybe my tastes had simply changed since I last spent some time with it. Most by far feel "Quantum" is PLANET X's best album, I have to disagree. social review comments Review PermalinkPosted Sunday, November 25, 2018 Review this album Report (Review #2078448)

Planet X - Moonbabies (Full Album)



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