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[S3E2] Love Muffin [PATCHED]

Any episode that places Michael and Dwight outside of their normal office environment is set up for some very funny (and usually awkward) situations and "The Convention" is no exception. Some of the episode's best uncomfortable moments centered on Michael believing he's the life of the party and that he's Jim's friend. Michael and Dwight pretending to laugh along to an inside joke made by Jim's new boss, Josh, is a prime example. Michael's comment, "I love inside jokes. Love to be part of one someday," creates the kind of uncomfortable silence that The Office excels at.[8]

[S3E2] Love Muffin

Robin: Quick announcement: I am glad you are here, fellow travelers. A couple rules. Ah, not rules, let's call them "Guidelines for Harmonious Living".Guideline for Harmonious Living Number One: The kitchen sink is for dishes, the toilet is for pee-pee.Guideline for Harmonious Living Number Two: Marijuana is illegal in the United States, yes, even when baked into a blueberry muffin, that someone might mistakenly eat for breakfast, before leaving for their job as a TV newcaster. "This just in, look at my hand, how weird is my hand?" is not an appropriate thing to say on the air.And Three...[everyone cheers]Robin: and number three is keep the noise to a minimum!

Robin: Wow. Gael, you're peeing while I'm in the shower. Okay, old Robin would have been like, "Dude, occupado," but, you know what? I'm cool with it. Pee it up. In fact, when you're done, why don't you come in here and join me?Random Guy: Don't mind if I do, love.

Inside, Lily asks Robin how things are going with Gael and Robin reveals she has become annoyed doing things at home that she loved on holiday, such as being hand-fed her food by Gael (dropping spaghetti on her sofa) and him sweeping the table clear to make love (breaking her laptop). Robin says she won't complain and go with the flow but when she is in the shower later, a strange Australian traveler uses her toilet. Robin goes to speak to Gael but discovers he has invited more travelers to stay with them indefinitely.

Robin reveals she ate a marijuana-laced blueberry muffin one of the backpackers had baked causing her to say some inappropriate things on the air. She tries to lay some ground-rules but the group are watching the television and so Robin decides to lie down as she is still "pretty baked."

Marshall quizzes Lily over why she couldn't write a love letter like he did and Lily states it is because she cannot bear to think about not being with him and that he would just open the letter and read it as soon as she has finished writing anyway. Marshall promises he won't so Lily agrees to write her letter, but Marshall asks her to make the letter dirty and slip in some polaroids too.

Story-time is interrupted by Otis and Sidney arriving. Sidney is apparently a big softie after all, and wants to give the young lovers a proper goodbye. What follows is beautifully acted and a HUGE bummer. Otis apologizes and tells Georgiana he doesn't care about her money, only her. Georgiana tells him that his boasting still had consequences, and that it doesn't matter if she believes him or not. They're both heartbroken; I hate it. Charlotte stops Otis on his way out and we find out that Sidney paid off all his debts?! Damn, Sidney! Here's my question: where is Sid getting all this cash? 1800 for Mr. Howard the Hutt, PLUS Otis' other debts, PLUS 3,000 for Tom to pay Stringbean and the boys ain't chump change.

You have GOT to love a ball scene. When else, in these modern times, are we given permission to lose our minds over a basic hand grasp? Anyway, this particular ball scene is EXCELLENT: Charlotte and Sidney have great chemistry and the music is as on point as it has been the whole season. Just as they finish dancing, Sidney makes eye contact with a hottie across the room. I wonder who it could be? Surely not his ex!

Jessie confronts the kids on why they didn't turn in their money from selling muffins for school. The kids end up throwing a party, unbeknownst to Jessie, in order to raise the money. But when the kids lie about a celebrity guest at the party, Luke ends up going in disguise. Meanwhile, Jessie gets an audition for a hand commercial, thanks to her new agent, Max Bauer (Matthew Timmons). But when she accidentally puts her hand in purple paint, her attempt to hide it from the commercial producers cause her to get fired. In the end, Jessie tells Max she still wants to work with him. 041b061a72


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