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Rage Emoticons For Facebook 'LINK'

Emoticons are animated icons that may be sent through in-game or dashboard chat channels. Dota Plus subscribers may equip emoticons in their Chat Wheel. A maximum of four emoticons can be displayed per line.

Rage Emoticons For Facebook

The original instance and its first appearance on the web remains unknown, but the text-based emoticon most likely emerged in the early 1990s, along with the general style now we know as Japanese emoticons.

The competition and arrest also did not cause much of a fuss in Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. "It was reported in small news reports and readers clicked some angry emoticons", NOS correspondent Michel Maas said. "After that, it became quiet. And that will probably remain the case, unless a storm breaks out in November."

Introduction: Taking a photograph of self alone or with a group called selfie, has become modern-day rage with spurt in smartphone technology. It has catapulted from a hobby into psychiatric ailment, especially among teens and young adults. Although it is considered a psychiatric ailment keeping them aloof from social interactions, we observed an inadvertent advantage in this process. In this context, we present some intriguing findings in this study. Materials and Methods: This retrospective study was based on compilation of 14 cases from endocrine surgery outpatient cum inpatient database collected over 2 years' period. The inclusion criteria are the chief complaint (CC) was noted only after watching the selfie picture and not otherwise; the CC leads them to consult physician; the picture was captured by oneself or other person who was also part of that image; and the CC leads to definitive diagnosis of thyroid disease requiring treatment. All other clinical, investigative, and treatment (medical and surgical) were studied. Results: In all, we had 14/5820 (0.0024%) cases meeting the above criteria. CC and later confirmed in pictures were four cases of Grave's disease associated ophthalmopathic exophthalmos, eight cases of goiter, and two cases of facial puffiness (myxedema related). All these CC helped in investigating for the diagnosis of Graves' disease (4), nodular goiter (8), and hypothyroidism (2) confirmed by appropriate investigations. Ten cases underwent thyroidectomy (two of the nodular goiter cases were papillary thyroid cancer) and four cases took conservative medical treatment. Conclusions: Although selfie is considered a modern-day lifestyle-induced psychiatric illness, it can inadvertently help in picking up thyroid diseases in earlier stages.


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