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Dirty Politics Full |WORK| Movie In Hindi 720p

Prior to and after theMay, 1986, general election, crime and criminality wereunashamedly and thoroughly exposed in public life, mediareports lowered public morale and morality, while rankcommercialism became the sole monitoring factor of bothprint and electronic news and entertainment vendors.Information, guidance to public opinion and moraleducation were given a secondary position. Profit, once adirty word in the lexicon of socialist planning, nowbecame an attribute of divinity. At the same time, socialinfrastructure on which the quality of life depended andfor which public demand was insatiable, was not onlyunreliable and inefficient but it also seemed to be asource of widespread corruption for politicians andbureaucrats, captains of industry and business and big orsmall entrepreneurs. The story of life as it was beingunfolded in the information sheets was a sordid saga ofsex, drug-peddling, terrorism, thefts and robberies,black money laundering and fatal accidents. Secularismand equality were regarded as a sign of profanity. Thenew political icons, the dalits or the many“Rams” and the glamorous ladies of politicswere more equal than all others, leaving far behind the80-90 per cent of the total population of 1000 millionpeople.

Dirty Politics full movie in hindi 720p

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