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11. Two Queens, One Joke

"Two Queens, One Joke" was a roller coaster of jokes and cringeworthy silence. RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 still has plenty of comedy queens left in the competition, so the odds were high that we'd be in for a good time.

11. Two Queens, One Joke

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She did well for what she delivered, but I agreed with the judges that her jokes went on for too long. She didn't learn the lesson the judges gave Salina EsTitties during the rehearsal and applied it to herself.

At least Sasha got in a few cheeky jokes near the end. Her chances of landing at the bottom two were very slim anyway, but those quick gags were funny enough to save her. The pair needed more of those jokes.

Doing well in a stand-up routine requires well-crafted jokes and good comedic timing. Marcia can do well with improv and acting, but this challenge didn't feel like it was in her wheelhouse. She seemed scared and ready to get off that stage.

The Bubly Comedy Festival opens with Marcia's solo set, which has some gentle laughs but overall seems to fall flat. Luxx and Loosey are next, and they actually have great chemistry as a comedy duo (who knew you could get so much mileage out of a teeth-whitening joke?). Though everyone was likely looking forward to Sasha and Anetra, their canned bits don't hit with the audience. And even though their concept of stoner comedy could have been an interesting take on the genre, they unfortunately ended up reinforcing a ton of dumb, lazy cannabis stereotypes. Not what you'd expect from the same Sasha Colby who won just last week for a breathtaking ode to the plant in her "weed bag" ensemble.

Svengoolie has been the premier horror show icon of Chicago since the late 1970's. He has appeared on a national basis on MeTV since April 2011. Generations of viewers have become fans of the awful jokes and monstrous movies that this video vampire presents every Saturday night.

If you're wondering why a television series in 2015 would name itself The Grinder, when there's a popular gay dating-and-hookup app called Grindr out there, you're asking the right question. Another great question: Why is the tagline "He can get anyone off"? Either this is the greatest inside joke or Fox needs some gay men consulting their development department as soon as possible.

The President. Well, you know that old expression: God made man; then he made a few firefighters. [Laughter] But there's truth to it. Not a joke. And we don't pay firefighters. And the Federal firefighters are going to get a significant raise. I was able to, by Executive order on the Federal side, raise the salary to a minimum of $15 an hour, which is way below, and the benefits. 041b061a72


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