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Papers 3.4.21 Free

Summary of this volume: The aim of The 4th International Conference on Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology (ICMEN 2021) was to present the latest research and results of scientists related to Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology topics. The conference provided a useful and wide platform both for display the latest research and for exchange of research results and thoughts in Advanced Materials Research and Nanotechnology. The committee of ICMEN2021 expresses their sincere thanks to all authors for their high-quality research papers and careful presentations. All reviewers are also thanked for their careful comments and advices. This collection of the selected papers offers an very interesting panorama of original theoretical and applied developments, representing key topics of polymeric, metallic, ceramics, composite materials, biocomposites, thin films, structural materials, nanocomposite, micro/nanomaterials and green materials.

Papers 3.4.21



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