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Multisim: The Ultimate SPICE Simulation and Circuit Design Software for Education and Research

MATLAB (MATrix LABarotary) is the most popular electrical engineering software among Electrical Engineering students. It was launched in 1983 by Mathworks Inc. and was one of the first commercial packages for linear algebra. It has evolved over time and has become the most comprehensive software for Numerical Computing, Dyanimc System Simulations, Algebraic Solutions, Symbolic Mathematics etc. It contains add-on packages (called Toolboxes) for various functionalities. Toolboxes provide built-in functions to perform numerical computations including but not limited to Ordinary & Partial Differential Equations, Optimization, Linear System Implementation, Linear Algebra, Control System Design, System Identification, Curve Fitting.

Multisim pcb design software

The programing language used in MATLAB (The software package) is also called Matlab. Matlab is a high-level programming language, it contains a good number of built-in functions to efficiently deal with matrices, numerical computations, symbolic mathematics etc.

Simulink is the GUI based companion software for Matlab. It is powered by Matlab programming language. Many electrical engineers find Simulink much easier to use than MATLAB. When you use MATLAB and Simulink together, you combine textual and graphical programming to design your system in a simulation environment. Directly using the thousands of algorithms that are already in MATLAB. Use MATLAB to create input data sets to drive simulation. Run thousands of simulations in parallel. Then analyze and visualize the data in MATLAB.

Though Simulink is general-purpose software for implementing graphical simulation, it has a specialized toolbox for simulating Power Systems. It can be used to simulate, analyze renewable energy resources, transmission lines, electrical transients, standby switching of power supply.

Multisim integrates industry-standard SPICE simulation with an interactive schematic environment to instantly visualize and analyze electronic circuit behavior. Its intuitive interface helps educators reinforce circuit theory and improve retention of theory throughout engineering curriculum. By adding powerful circuit simulation and analyses to the design flow, Multisim helps researchers and designers reduce printed circuit board (PCB) prototype iterations and save development costs.

Being an industry-standard software, ETAP (Electrical Transient Analyzer Program) is a full spectrum analytical electrical engineering software company specializing in the analysis, simulation, monitoring, control, optimization, and automation of electrical power systems. The ETAP software offers the best and most comprehensive suite of integrated power system enterprise solution that spans from modeling to operation.

Various toolbars in ETAP provide functionality provide almost all the analyses needed to design, regulation and operation of a power system. ETAP can be used to perform Power Flow Analysis, Relay Coordination & Protection design, control system design, optimal power flow.

PowerWorld Simulator is an interactive power system simulation package designed to simulate high voltage power system operation on a time frame ranging from several minutes to several days. The software contains a highly effective power flow analysis package capable of efficiently solving systems of up to 250,000 buses.

PSCAD is an electrical engineering software package for electromagnetic transient analysis in power systems. It is developed by Manitoba Hydro Int. Ltd. based on the slogan If you can dream it, you can simulate it

LabVIEW (Laborartory Virtual Instruments Engineering Workbench) is a systems engineering software for applications that require test, measurement, and control with rapid access to hardware and data insights.

The LabVIEW software offers a graphical programming approach that helps you visualize every aspect of your application, including hardware configuration, measurement data, and debugging. This visualization makes it simple to integrate measurement hardware from any vendor, represent complex logic on the diagram, develop data analysis algorithms, and design custom engineering user interfaces.

The µVision IDE combines project management, run-time environment, build facilities, source code editing, and program debugging in a single powerful environment. µVision is easy-to-use and accelerates your embedded software development. µVision supports multiple screens and allows you to create individual window layouts anywhere on the visual surface. The µVision Debugger provides a single environment in which you may test, verify, and optimize your application code. The debugger includes traditional features like simple and complex breakpoints, watch windows, and execution control and provides full visibility to device peripherals.

IPSA is predominantly used by most companies and universities in the UK, almost 60% cheaper than ETAP and is the best power system analysis software out there in terms of user interface and Python scripting. It is also completely free to use for all students, researchers and universities and comes packaged with all the advanced functionalities as well.

Funny how a little bit of marketing by certain companies and people start focussing on the most expensive software whereas there are better softwares at much lower costs. Also remember that ETAP and PSSE are not independant anymore and their functionalities are now influenced by manufacturers who have bought stake in them like Schneider and Siemens

Hi Emma, You can take short courses for software related to Power System. Udemy might be a useful source for you. You can also look EdX, Coursera but these mostly offers courses for the theory of renewable energy and from a policy perspective.

These electrical software are most trending across the globe. Some of the top companies like Siemens, Honeywell is also looking for some base level of knowledge in some of these software. For all the Electrical engineering students having good knowledge on the same can add good value to your profile.

hello, i have four year of exp in thermal power plant operation, i would like to change my profile to electrical software side suggest me. which is the best in job oriented and good scope in future in india .

Hi i have 6 year of experience in power sector in state government electricity board. Now i want switch my profile to design in private sector. Please suggest me which software have 100% job assurance.

Hello sir, I just go through all this and i find it useful for anyone using it.As i had used most of them i want to add another software Maxwell for High Voltage Engineering so that someone could benefited. Thanks

Hi i have 6 year of experience in power sector specially in Transmission line and substation. Now i want switch my profile to design. Please suggest me which software have 100% job assurance. Becoz i have no time . Actually i choose ETAP ,is this good or not. Please reply me as soon as possible. And tell me in which institute in India has provide better training and placement also.

Multisim:- It is a schematic capture and simulation application that assists you in carrying out the major steps in the circuit design flow. Multisim can be used for both analog and digital circuits and also includes mixed analog/digital simulation capability, and microcontroller co-simulation. Simulating the circuits before building them, catches errors early in the design flow, saving time and money. Ultiboard:- Ultiboard is fed from Multisim, is used to design printed circuit boards, perform certain basic mechanical CAD operations, and prepare them for manufacturing. Ultiboard also provides automated parts placement and layout

March 14, 2009 – National Instruments enhanced Multisim and Ultiboard printed circuit board (PCB) design experience, including the release of the Multisim and Ultiboard 10.1.1 software packages. The latest versions of the software deliver functional enrichments, such as several enhancements to user interface functionality including improved database synchronization, added temperature simulation parameter support and more than 300 new components from leading third-party manufacturers. These new resources help those new to circuit design with National Instruments tools quickly begin prototyping with improved accuracy.With the latest versions of the software, users can simulate popular device designs by including SPICE models from National Semiconductor, a leading manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors. As a part its contribution to the NI design resources, National Semiconductor makes models of operational amplifiers and company-approved land-pattern definitions available to students, academics and professional designers. This ever-expanding community of device manufacturers simplifies the component and design evaluation process.To make prototyping easy, National Instruments now offers new community elements that help make efficient design possible. A new online community for Multisim provides professionals, educators and students a forum to discuss and collaborate on circuit design. Through the NI Circuit Design Community, users can share and create custom components and circuit designs and discuss a variety of electronic design topics such as custom design for NI embedded platforms like NI CompactRIO or NI Single-Board RIO. The NI Circuit Design Community delivers easy access to resources that facilitate design, regardless of the user’s experience. Domain experts, students and experienced designers can share development techniques, learn about advanced technologies and connect with circuit design experts working on prototyping applications.As part of this community, National Instruments also helps PCB designers meet prototyping needs beyond the design process. Sunstone Circuits, a circuit fabrication house, is now a contributor to the National Instruments circuit design resources for PCB designers. Sunstone has established itself as a leader in online ordering of quick-turn prototypes. With this relationship, engineers who export designs for fabrication can take advantage of order integration and online resources provided through the Sunstone ECOsystemSM Design Environment, which removes the traditional barriers to effectively transitioning to physical prototypes.About National InstrumentsNational Instruments ( is transforming the way engineers and scientists design, prototype and deploy systems for measurement, automation and embedded applications. NI empowers customers with off-the-shelf software such as NI LabVIEW and modular cost-effective hardware, and sells to a broad base of more than 25,000 different companies worldwide, with no one customer representing more than 3 percent of revenue and no one industry representing more than 10 percent of revenue. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NI has more than 5,000 employees and direct operations in more than 40 countries. For the past 10 years, FORTUNE magazine has named NI one of the 100 best companies to work for in America.


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